KAUAI PHILIPPINE CULTURAL CENTER – A PLACE FOR ALL! “…with birds we’ll fly to the sky, to touch the stars up high, while angels whisper and sigh...beloved Kaua’i!”
These words will take on a special significance as plans move forward toward construction. The Philippine Cultural Center which essentially will become “A Place for All!” Hopes, and aspirations remain in the realm of quests yet unrealized or unattained. The Philippine Cultural Center, as envisioned by those who have dedicated their time and efforts to coordinate their ideas and energies to focus upon this concept, is now at the brink of the beginning stages to transition this dream to become a reality. To actualize this facility, which has evolved to encompass a myriad of factors which are symbolic and significant! Read more

MISSION STATEMENT . . . "To provide, promote and enhance cultural,educational training and social programs as well as cross cultural exchanges in our multi-ethnic enviroment."

VISION 2020 Why a Philippine Cultural Center? “Members of the Vision 2020 Committee concluded that Kauai’s Filipinos can bring UNITY in our island of racial diversity. The group strongly believes that as a result of separate cultural and language dialect roots in the Philippines that immigrant descendents continue to be divided. In order to understand this, one has to realize that the Philippine islands have been the centuries old Pacific crossroads of humankind travelling between East and West from the arrival of the Chinese, Spanish, Americans and, other nationalities from other parts of the world. Read more